Multi-tool Paracord bracelet, includes Compass, Flint, Sparker and Warning/locator Whistle. FREE Shipping

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4-in-1 Paracord Bracelet for Camping, Hiking or Survival:

  • Strong polyester cord that can be used for tying tent poles, tie a knife to a stick for weapon or hunting, much more...
  • Built-in whistle to alert others whether your are trying to find them or they are trying to find you
  • Magnesium flint and scraper, start fires for warmth or cooking, scraper can also cut the paracord
  • Compass for determining direction
  • 6 styles - Black, Green, Army Camo, Green, Brown, Orange, Mountain Camo - all the same length 10.24"
  • Select from 6 colors, black, brown, green, orange, Mountain Camo and Army Green Camo
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