Single Hand Magnesium Flint, Fire Starter, Plus Search & Rescue Whistle

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Spark Your Fire with One Hand, This is One of the Easiest Ways to Start a Fire w/o a Match or Lighter

Everyone who goes outside should have a fire starter. It's so easy and quick to start a fire with this magnesium flint.

  • Ideal for camping and other outdoor adventure trip
  • Whistle can be used to help find someone or for other to locate someone with the whistle.
  • Easy to use
    • Place your fire starting material on the ground (plain cotton balls, dryer lint, toilet paper, birch bark, milk weed fluff, burdock, or fine dry grass work great but any fine dry tinder usually found in the wild can be used)
    • Open your fire starter
    • Scrape the composite flint steel/magnesium rod with the scraper(note: it may be necessary to scrape off protective coating on rod first with scraper) while aiming the hot burning sparks at your tinder and you have fire

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    Package Includes: 1 X flint, 1 X scraper, 1 X plastic whistle

    Size: Approx.: 5*1.1*.85 in.

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